Entry Doors

Woordgrain Entry Doors

Oak and mahogany texture fiberglass entry doors.

Perfectly balancing real wood door appearance with long lasting performance, the woodgrain fiberglass entry doors provides exceptional value and esthetics. Designed to resist dents, dings, splintering and corrosion. Leave a lasting first impression without the elbow grease.

  • Variable depth wood grain textured replicates an authentic hardwood look that is easy to finish with stain or paint.
  • Deep panel profiles that adds architectural interest and elegance, traditionally crafted look that create excellent shadow lines.
  • Interchangeability of door style and glass designs between collections allows flexibility to find a beautiful door lite with the right door panel and the right texture without compromise.
  • Solid engagement lock block adds reinforcing and solid mounting surface for door hardware component, bottom rail creates a rot and moisture resistant structure.
  • Square edge construction creates an authentic wood door appearance.
  • Polyurethane foam core provides up to 4 times the insulating r-value of a wood door.
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Smooth Fiberglass Entry Doors

Smooth finish fiberglass entry doors.

Adding richness and significance to any home’s exterior, the smooth finish fiberglass entry doors captures the beauty of smooth finish like wood with the low-maintenance of fiberglass. Not only ideal for a front entrance, the DuraSmooth series is also an excellent option for back and side doors due to its dent and ding resistant surface.

  • High performance smooth surface ideal for painting and will not rust or dent.
  • High definition panel profiles adds architectural interest and elegance, Well defined lines and embossments.
  • A traditional glass insert can be installed into your door with a complementary white PVC frame.
  • Customize your door with clear glass, blinds and shades or decorative grilles within the Everyday Glass Collection.
  • Solid engineered lock provides added strength and security.
  • Square edge construction creates the most authentic appearance.
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